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Dark Souls 2 : Bring a Buddy Edition.
Converted with Swivel www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/flash-resources/swivel
Subtitles courtesy of :
Spanish : XxSebael7xX
French: Ulydev
Portuguese/English: Zudo San
Vietnamese: huynhanhbloodborne

  • Hand it over. That thing. Your sequel.

    StickuraiStickurai15 րոպե առաջ
  • I welcome thee... newcomers of souls from Demon's Souls... to the worst dark souls game with the best animation...

    Spoopy ChickenSpoopy Chicken54 րոպե առաջ
  • I absolutely love this animation. It encompasses all of the great 'bruh' moments of Dark Souls 2. Like, even now, years after the game came out this is still totally rellatable and accurate.

    Dominic StoltzDominic StoltzԺամ առաջ
    • bonus ducks! The charriot boss is playing the theme but you only hear one or two notes as it passes The elite knight's fingers get squished between the name plates when the grey spirits invade in the belfry

      Dominic StoltzDominic StoltzԺամ առաջ
  • I've never played Dark Souls before, but this video brings back memories I've never had.

    J. G.J. G.2 ժամ առաջ
  • Praise The Lense Flair!

    D3RAXU5D3RAXU54 ժամ առաջ
  • Please oh please make one for bloodborne I swear this video has turned all my buddies into souls fans

    Husbando VR ASMRHusbando VR ASMR5 ժամ առաջ
  • I come back here every few days, still one of my favourite videos

    Wow what a clever and original nameWow what a clever and original name6 ժամ առաջ
  • You gotta. When it's recommended, you just gotta

    Ben PalanceBen Palance7 ժամ առաջ
  • And bloodborne

    PEPE doidãoPEPE doidão10 ժամ առաջ
  • You gotta do a dark sous 3

    PEPE doidãoPEPE doidão10 ժամ առաջ
  • I have never played dark souls but this seems so accurate

    Noodle DudeNoodle Dude11 ժամ առաջ
  • What is that armor that guy is wearing at 6:04 and how do you get it

    Gavin PrattGavin Pratt12 ժամ առաջ
  • 7:03 is kinda sad ngl

    Norbi_Gamer_YTNorbi_Gamer_YT12 ժամ առաջ
  • AMworlds came out when I was pretty young and I've spent probably over 100,000 hours on the platform. This is my favorite video. You killed it dude.

    Cooper ReynoldsCooper Reynolds13 ժամ առաջ
  • Sooo im just playin with Demon's Souls and im back to watch again this Masterpiece :D:D Im still love it :D

    Richárd CsörgőRichárd Csörgő16 ժամ առաջ
  • We need a series but sadly idk we need this that's it

    Hekatonkheires The GrigoriHekatonkheires The GrigoriՕր առաջ
  • This is me and myself becouse all my friends ether dont play our not good and most dont exist

    TheOKGuyTheOKGuyՕր առաջ
    • same i am a loner

      Arkopravo SarkarArkopravo Sarkar20 ժամ առաջ
  • Well this was my annual pilgrimage, see y’all in 3 months

    Mr. MetroMr. MetroՕր առաջ
  • bro we need more

    Knights RedemptionKnights RedemptionՕր առաջ
  • Guess youtube is recomending this again, not unhappy about this LOL.

    Let's PretendLet's PretendՕր առաջ
  • Still trying to figure out which chest armor the red knight is wearing

    Darth ThanatosDarth ThanatosՕր առաջ
  • This is totally awesome... wanna see one for DS1 and and DS3 now

    Mark O'ConnorMark O'ConnorՕր առաջ
  • “Wait a minute. He gave us a soap stone. Solace gave us a soap stone. So this guy’s like the new Solare.” Me, who has no idea what a soap stone is: Makes sense.

    Koichi HiroseKoichi HiroseՕր առաջ
  • we want more

    Arkopravo SarkarArkopravo SarkarՕր առաջ
  • i am stuck in the second area every couple of weeks i open the game run around a bit and close it

    Đaŕķ PřínçeĐaŕķ PřínçeՕր առաջ
    • @Đaŕķ Přínçe i dont recognise that, could you name the place where you were before this bonefire

      Arkopravo SarkarArkopravo Sarkar23 ժամ առաջ
    • @Arkopravo Sarkar i am at a bonefire in a cave then when i progress i find everything running at me 2 with bows some comes from under water i think i ran through the forest

      Đaŕķ PřínçeĐaŕķ Přínçe23 ժամ առաջ
    • you forest of the fallen giants?

      Arkopravo SarkarArkopravo SarkarՕր առաջ
  • I'm your friend maybe, maybe not

    ChrisStreamsASMRChrisStreamsASMRՕր առաջ
  • 11:17 Who else got this reference??? 😂

    Emma JensenEmma JensenՕր առաջ
    • is it from skyrim?

      Arkopravo SarkarArkopravo SarkarՕր առաջ
  • Why do I keep getting summoned here

    Peachy CreamPeachy CreamՕր առաջ
  • I wonder how many people don’t realize that this is Dark Souls 2 the most decisive souls game based of ratings.

    RydoustarRydoustarՕր առաջ
    • @Mark O'Connor yeah that one

      FlashFire1999FlashFire1999Օր առաջ
    • @FlashFire1999 or maybe divisive?

      Mark O'ConnorMark O'ConnorՕր առաջ
    • Im gonna go out on a limb anf say "devicive" is the word you wanted

      FlashFire1999FlashFire1999Օր առաջ
  • I only just now got the vaati reference

    Red_CometRed_CometՕր առաջ
  • This video gets so many more layers of comedy when you actually play the Dark Souls games.

    Henry GallagherHenry GallagherՕր առաջ

    Lorenzo MartinezLorenzo Martinez2 օր առաջ
  • Man who knew Happy souls would be so “easy”

    Gamer Man69Gamer Man692 օր առաջ
  • If only there was was one on the dlc

    Cedric TurnerCedric Turner2 օր առաջ
  • 3:29

    Ender SkoomEnder Skoom2 օր առաջ
  • \[T]/

    Pure CancerPure Cancer2 օր առաջ
  • Why do I keep watching this I've never played Dark Souls 2

    Jackson HolderJackson Holder2 օր առաջ
  • I cant go more than a few months without giving this a watch. Inspiring.

    Josey _Josey _2 օր առաջ
  • 🎵dark souls has trained us well🎶

    Wyatt LandtWyatt Landt2 օր առաջ
  • when is the DLC part coming out?

    gogokittyexpressgogokittyexpress2 օր առաջ
  • Everytime this is in my recommended I watch it

    BBurritoBBurrito2 օր առաջ
  • The first minutes dark souls 2 them it's easy me trying to fight with a broken broken straight sword yep

    Fadded RealityFadded Reality2 օր առաջ
  • I will never unhear "ayeeee aaahhh guuuyyy" and please don't make me

    Diogenes LaertiusDiogenes Laertius2 օր առաջ
  • I've never played dark souls but i still love this

    Isa Mekail MahmudIsa Mekail Mahmud2 օր առաջ
    • play it

      SabakiSabaki2 օր առաջ
  • Only noticed after watching this for the 53rd time that there's a typo at 10:19, Drangelic Castle

    Smelly HeadSmelly Head2 օր առաջ
  • This video is the very reason why I got into dark souls 2 just because it looked so fun (also the soundtrack for this video is fantastic)

    Jacob ZacherlJacob Zacherl2 օր առաջ
  • Say what you want about ds2, it gave us this and for that we must be eternally grateful

    soup saucesoup sauce2 օր առաջ
  • It's like a really good dnd campaign

    Will B.Will B.2 օր առաջ
  • This man really dropped an animated masterpiece and dipped

    Mazin LawMazin Law3 օր առաջ
  • دارك سولز ٢

    For MeFor Me3 օր առաջ
  • Your gestures on these characters make this entire video phenomenal.

    uHaveNiceKeysuHaveNiceKeys3 օր առաջ
  • I'm trying to cosplay happy souls, me and my friend agree they are using Longswords, except RED GUY NEVER HOLDS A DAM SWORD CLEARLY SO IDK WHAT HE USES any help?

    LordPepperLordPepper3 օր առաջ
    • Bow and arrow of course

      Ben EastmanBen Eastman3 օր առաջ
  • still shows up in my fucking reccommended. I've watched it so many times now

    OtakuDragon53OtakuDragon533 օր առաջ
    • i still don't regret it

      OtakuDragon53OtakuDragon533 օր առաջ

    trontato713trontato7133 օր առաջ
  • 11:39 That stuff breaks down your equipment doesn't it? I honestly forgot

    SunBroNationSunBroNation3 օր առաջ
  • Why does Darksouls always remind me of BOTW ZELDA? Ag& this game is fucking hard.......

    Ashton WolfAshton Wolf3 օր առաջ
  • Gonna need one for that remastered Demon's Souls.

    sweetcynicsweetcynic3 օր առաջ
  • 10:27 BOTW reference

    Melissa BrooksMelissa Brooks3 օր առաջ
  • The chariot boss is playing the melody I just realised that

    Shashlik 79Shashlik 793 օր առաջ
  • I watched a lot of Dark Souls parodies but after watching this I don't think any of those parodies can hold the candle to this, lmao

    VandalgiaVandalgia3 օր առաջ
  • I watch this whenever I’m having a bad day

    Yeo_Its_Me EddieYeo_Its_Me Eddie3 օր առաջ
  • Well we’re back

    - TriggeredFTW- TriggeredFTW3 օր առաջ
  • We need an animation like this but for dark souls 3

    Facundo BarizoneFacundo Barizone3 օր առաջ
  • I know the word has been sullied by Reddit, but this is legitimately wholesome content.

    Charles SchmittCharles Schmitt3 օր առաջ
  • Here for my monthly pilgrimage

    Charles SchmittCharles Schmitt3 օր առաջ
  • is there a video i was supposed to see before this to get context

    KEVINKEVIN3 օր առաջ
    • @Gamer de Cinema gotcha

      KEVINKEVIN3 օր առաջ
    • it's made for the dark souls 2 comunity, so you need to be playing the game and interacting

      Gamer de CinemaGamer de Cinema3 օր առաջ
  • i came back after 4 years :/

    Rex ERex E3 օր առաջ
  • Coming back to this video years later I actually understand it now because I play dark souls

    Ryan MalloryRyan Mallory3 օր առաջ
  • 24m assh@le who watched this master piece and didnt subs what a ungrateful kid

    Khazuma Onii-chanKhazuma Onii-chan3 օր առաջ
  • PLEASE MAKE A NEW ONE, your the greatest

    Jaxcen MullerJaxcen Muller3 օր առաջ
  • If I had a gun to my head and was told to recite this entire script word for word or else I would be killed, I would be completely fine.

    ReneRene3 օր առաջ
  • Wow. I hate everything about this and I'm somehow amused by it more. I'll give this a side eyed thumb up. Still not gunna play the real game though.

    nodwolfnodwolf4 օր առաջ
  • Is it weird that all I can think now when I see this is veteran, and player? Just askin'

    Zachary BarryZachary Barry4 օր առաջ
    • btw, IM GONNA BLOW UP!!!!!!

      Zachary BarryZachary Barry4 օր առաջ
  • Amazing, a videogame parody that doesn’t use lazy, overused, and/or obvious jokes, or rely on cheap shock value and edginess, AND is really well written and genuinely funny. I really wish I saw this sooner, dis some good shit.

    Captain ImperialismCaptain Imperialism4 օր առաջ
  • This is awesome, I want to watch it 10 more times

    sid Collinssid Collins4 օր առաջ
  • Ah, I've found myself at this familiar place once again. Thank heavens.

    XephonXephon4 օր առաջ
  • And here's the thing I DON'T EVEN LIKE DARK SOULS

    Joss NortonJoss Norton4 օր առաջ
  • Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

    Lol GuyLol Guy4 օր առաջ
  • This video: _"You will love me and you will quote everything I say"_

    ReSoulsReSouls4 օր առաջ
  • 9:48 resident evil 4?

    ApplejacksApplejacks4 օր առաջ
  • 9:47 woody: think we stepped into the wrong game

    Felixio88Felixio884 օր առաջ
  • How could the master who created this work of art just disappear after bestowing this gift upon us!? We NEED Happy Souls 2!

    Clyde MarshallClyde Marshall4 օր առաջ
  • omg, this is genius

    Tom ElliottTom Elliott4 օր առաջ
  • This is the most accurate depiction of Dark Souls 2

    DrenchedInSyruppDrenchedInSyrupp4 օր առաջ
  • Where is James? Why has it been 4 years since his last upload??????

    J HJ H4 օր առաջ
  • I don't even know anything about Dark Souls

    litdemolisher 2003litdemolisher 20034 օր առաջ
  • 12:10 Join them

    Mark PjeleMark Pjele4 օր առաջ
  • This was incredible.

    Cool Dr MoneyCool Dr Money5 օր առաջ
  • 0:49 when you think the game too easy

    Yousef OdehYousef Odeh5 օր առաջ

    Sou HiyoriSou Hiyori5 օր առաջ
  • Has anyone noticed the executioner's chariot plays the song the video but slower? I'm among the dozens who come back to this video and this this the first time I've noticed!

    Lindon BrassLindon Brass5 օր առաջ
  • Cu? Toboga do...monark

    GD MatheuszinGD Matheuszin5 օր առաջ
    • Ninguém gosta do Monark aqui.

      Sticky GlueSticky Glue4 օր առաջ
  • Does anyone see the scooby doo references?

    zandralover1234zandralover12345 օր առաջ
    • 11:16

      zandralover1234zandralover12345 օր առաջ
    • 7:32

      zandralover1234zandralover12345 օր առաջ
    • There are multiple, but here r some of them:

      zandralover1234zandralover12345 օր առաջ
  • Masterpiece this is

    plaguereaperplaguereaper5 օր առաջ
  • Monthly check-in

    Buddha FettBuddha Fett5 օր առաջ
  • Even after multiple years, this is still s-tier in my book

    Bawpwar, The GreenBawpwar, The Green5 օր առաջ
  • There are only three things me and my friends quote nonstop: Spongebob Metal Gear This

    Ryan WelchRyan Welch5 օր առաջ
  • I literally never watched one video of dark souls or played any of the game and I still have watched this video at least 10 times

    Dane DogDane Dog5 օր առաջ
  • When the skeleton got hit, Ode to Joy started playing in my house.

    Daniel FulbrightDaniel Fulbright5 օր առաջ
  • Tfw 4 years but Hope's are high

    Myst storiesMyst stories5 օր առաջ