Guessing Cheap VS Expensive Items!! **HARD**

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This was challenging!!
I challenged my friend Noah to guess whether items were cheap or expensive, and let's just never judge a book by its cover..
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  • Bro you can buy anything costly but for middle class and low class. Cheap is always branded for us.😌♥️.

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  • Brian: sorry if ur hunggry Me: sorry i dont forgiv u bc u dont buy me food

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  • Anybody worried that Bosley is getting a bit old. I pray that they have many years more with him because the pain of loosing a puppy is excruciating.

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  • The headphones where not even plugged in lol

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    • umm they are wireless

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  • Rug: Let’s do this video again! A few videos later: Cheapest to most expensive donut!

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  • most of these were obvious cmon man

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  • In middle school I used chocolate as well and I did pretty well! Dont call us all out lol

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  • bro for malaysia they have like something i cant eat until 7:00

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  • Noah how tf you know what a baby but smell like 😭

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  • i guessed tetress was 30$

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  • In 10 dollar you can get a 1 pound cake good one Pakistan

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  • When mamarug said “mask of zorro”

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  • Noah pissed me off when he was creasing his Jordan’s at the peanut butter part

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  • The beginning of all of them are awesome and funny

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  • theres no way i was already thinking 30 bc i used to have you from christmas but it broke

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