(SPOILER) Opinions Meme // Roblox Piggy (ALPHA) - Chapter 11

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* not for kids *
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Phone and finger

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    • And Zizzy be like when she stab one of soldier: ●_●""

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    • Still there is no need to judge people

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    • @Veronica i'm just a kid duh

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  • Ok. I have flipaclip and I CANT COLOR IN THAT NEATLY. That’s one thing I wanna know. Plus: flipaclip animations are REALLY fast and I don’t even know what I put when I see it. Ok. One more thing. How do you get the meme songs on flipaclip? I only have the songs on my library. Please reply to this when you can. Also, GREAT JOB 👏🏽👏🏽

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