Roundrobin - Sunlight (Lyrics)

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♫ Roundrobin - Sunlight (ft. Marlus)
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• Marlus •
Walking home in the night with no one by my side.
Thinking 'bout how lonely I could be my life.
I do not even wanna try, but this is healing me inside..
I won't go to bed if it's too dark, I'll wait until the sunlight.
This makes me feel and realize how many times I said "They don't even know me no, they don't even know me."
I won't go to bed until the sunlight won't come.
I wonder why the moon doesn't stop to shine, I think that less light could switch on my mind.
But I do not even wanna try, even If It could heal me inside..
I won't go to bed if it's too dark, I'll wait until the sunlight.
This makes me feel and realize how many times I said "They don't even know me no, they don't even know me."
I won't go to bed until the sunlight won't come.
Roundrobin Lyrics
Sunlight Lyrics
Roundrobin Sunlight
Sunlight Roundrobin
Roundrobin Sunlight Lyrics
Sunlight Roundrobin Lyrics
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