This is the SCARIEST Whistle in the World.. **do not blow it**

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I bought this aztec whistle that sounds like a terrifying scream when you blow it.. You know I had to prank some people with it!
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    • How did get that whistle faze rug

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  • Dude this was hilarious i like this style of video too and also could u use that whistle more often love the vids and love u Brian keep up the great work

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  • Noah has some hands he should of participated in the football challenge

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  • keep up the good content

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  • I wished I was in the mall when they made this video🥺🥺

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  • U a awesome bro

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  • Great video Rug!!!

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  • Faze:do not blow the whistle Thumbnail:

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  • Did anyone else see Noah's ninja reflexes

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  • We see Noah with the soccer techniques , at the end when he got scared 😭😭

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  • Congrats 🥳 for 19 million

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  • You make my day every day 😁

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  • you are the best

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  • 9:49-9:52 rug in his bed masterboat

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  • Faze rug and noah are the best duo ever

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  • am I the only one who think you should know his mom looks like Sarah Drew (AKA April kepner of Grey's anatomy)

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  • “This is the scariest whistle in the world don’t blow it “ In the thumbnail blows it

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  • I just love rugs vids I am not doing this for a shout out I just want to address that u have put me in a good mood every day I love you rug keep up the work🥰

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  • i like the scares :) made me laugh i love you!

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  • Who knew I was smarter then papa rug

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  • Last prank had me tripping 😂😂 best laugh of the day thanks @FaZe Rug

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  • In the world

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  • I want to be like rug. Always pitting positivity

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  • Bro noah is a legend after saving that controller

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  • hi wat is your phone number

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  • aren't u the best youtuber?!!

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  • 6.58 i knew noah gonna call jasmine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • does papa rug ever beat ryan ? i can help him though

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  • Done

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  • You are the gamer and the best gaming channel

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  • I really like the idea of that whistle please make more videos on it and I really like your video your video are really fun

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  • 😂 mama rug nearly use her slipper careful face rug cause it can panetrate 900000099 hp

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  • Never seen a person who is more generous than this man!

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  • Faze rug you are the best AMworldsr

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  • love your vids plus your one of the most positive AMworldsr out there

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  • Rug

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  • Noah cot the control before it Broke

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  • Ur outro song is a vibe me and my sister jam to it lol🖤 luv ur videos tho

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  • Hahaha I need this whistle to prank my family lol love u guys!

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  • Your video are best

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  • Congrats on 19 million

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  • Noah caught it like a cool dude

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  • we just not gonna talk abt noah’s catch my mans hit it with his knee and caught it perfectly

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    • That the whole cmmt section bro

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  • HEY

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  • Brian I really love your videos. I'm so addicted to your videos that I don't even watch anything else

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  • Anyone notice the guy in the backround at 5:33

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