How To Super Clean Cloth and Leather Seats

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Learn how to clean and detail stained cloth and leather seats in your car. In this video I show you how to clean really dirty cloth seats with mud and stains in them as well as slightly dirty cloth seats which still need to be cleaned! I will also show you how to clean leather seats and use the corect leather cleaner and leather conditioner. The Super Clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we cleaning the interior but we are protecting it.
The key to SuperCleaning the interior is using detailing brushes, a good vacuum, and just paying attention to the little details.
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner:
Extractor Vacuum:
Leather and Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner kit:
Detailing Brush kit (including the vent brush):
Interior Plastic/Vinyl High Gloss Protectant:
Microfiber Towels:
Steam Cleaner:
Shop Vacuum:
How to Super Clean your Carpets and Headliner:
SuperClean Exterior:
SuperClean Engine Bay:
SuperClean Windshield:
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    • You would need a torque wrench! :

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    • I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the last 3 videos. Exactly what you said, the goal of every video is to help people with their cars and save money, but I would say these have been no different. Ever since I posted the "How to Super Clean your car" and "How to Super Clean your engine bay" videos, I've had more people then I could count want a interior Super Clean video or series and with this vandalized car, it gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. And with regards to "buy my sponsors products", ever since the beginning of the channel, any product I've shown or used has been because they are simply the best products and I don't want to push anything I don't like or doesn't work well (and at the end of the day, there's no pressure to buy anything just because I use it). The next videos are all going to be under the hood fixes and repairs, and I also have a secret project coming up that I think you will enjoy :p (going back to the " old real videos fixing problems that really teach and help people")

      ChrisFixChrisFix7 ժամ առաջ
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    • I would look up the exact seats and read the care instructions, as different vinyl seats have different cleaning procedures! That said, try using a vinyl specialized cleaner and see if that makes the stains come off!

      ChrisFixChrisFix7 ժամ առաջ
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    • Double check for your specific car but that sounds about right!

      ChrisFixChrisFix6 ժամ առաջ
    • @Regdu Geht Negative is just a ground. If you disconnect the positive terminal, you lose the settings you may have programmed into the infotainment center, seat settings, etc. Without the ground, those components won't _function,_ but the settings will still be saved. Oh, by the way, I looked it up: seat bolts are usually torqued to around 38 NM or 28 ft. lbs. :)

      CM RosaryCM Rosary20 ժամ առաջ
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    • Awesome! Let me know how it goes!

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    • I wanted to make sure I went into detail to answer every question and make it as good as possible, but thanks for sharing!

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