25 Insane 200 IQ Among Us Tips to Always Win

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25 Insane 200 IQ Among Us Tips to Always Win! Among Us is a game all about strategy, so today we're going over 25 of the most insane tips and tricks to help you win your first game of among us, as well as your 100th game as impostor. Among Us requires masterful deception in the impostor gameplay and big brain plays as the crewmate, so these are 25 among us tips you might not know, and how to use them to win a game of among us. Skip the Tutorial is ready to show even more ways to win against your friends in this 300 iq among us strategy video!
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  • When I tried the invisible name it said I disconnected from the server

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  • Who else is scrolling down the comments and not listening to the vid

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  • im pro i catched already 47 imposters since i downloaded the game

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  • so ur saying that sense im right handed I shouldn't sub?

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  • I can't do the no name on ipad

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  • The no username one got patched

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  • 1 day ago there was a impostor close the door and tried to kill me in among us and he vented in front of the camera and he got voted out lol

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  • How can you copy paste copy paste the invisible name on mobile like me I have iOS so I need help pls help me on how to do this

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  • Theres actually a way to talk to ghosts in MiraHQ bc at the balcony there are 2 automatic doors that open to ghosts and alive dudes alike so you can ask a ghost to the doors at balcony 2 times if its cyan 3 for lime 4 for red and 5 for pink this is just an example you can tell the ghost to open it up 2 times for lime or whatever color you want

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  • Polus

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  • Southpaw strike except dat brudda was in an orthodox stance... That's how I know vidya gam yt don't fight

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  • I am in this video!!!!!!!!!! (Chicken, red skin and black hair)

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  • All the first one you talk about could have a couple of problems skip the tutorial if they saw someone kill that's a downfall

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  • Videos are helpful any time so you know to look for bodys

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  • Idea: change the date on your computer to April first and then the map should be flipped backwords then play the map with uncsepecting ppl

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  • Invisible name is patched out

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  • Funfact: 200 iq is the highest possible iq score as in 2020. I have obtained this information from a single source so take it with a grain of salt.

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  • At 1:30 it works t tried

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  • Who else did not even watch the vid just looked through the comments

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  • Most of them are just basic knowledge tho, not high IQ moves

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  • the no name dont work what now

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  • i left handed the suscribe button

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  • When you're imp and someone says you vented but you didn't even kill: **sad imposter noises**

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  • Dream? Is that you?..

  • me and my help eachother by calling

  • Blue: "where" Green: "its blue" Blue: starts to type out where he's been Black has voted Purple has voted Yellow has voted Lime has voted White has voted Brown has voted Cyan has voted Orange has voted .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   blue was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

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  • tip: sometimes you can pretend to look in security while not actually doing it. works best when there's another person in it. that way if someone vents in cams or kills in cams you can report/call meet

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  • Red sus

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  • invisible name patched btw

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  • I tried the no name thing didn’t work and I’m on iPhone 7

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  • you can click on the "shhhh" screen on mobile and pc to get an extra early head start

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  • i'm left handed

  • "vent to that subscribe button below" But... I'm not an impostor-

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  • i did left handed sub

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  • if Ur playing on Chromebook u cant u wasd u can only use the mouse

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  • The Unicode doesn’t work anymore

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  • My crewmate sabatoging wins: 1. One time I was crew o2 was sabatoged lime was with me then dark green killed red then i report and said WHY WOULD U KILL RED IF I CLEARED THEM AND YOU THINK I FIX SABATOGE I DID AND YOU KILL 1 SECOND AFTER I FINISH and we voted dark green out we won. 2. I was sus of red so i followed him then reactor got broken so i fixed and then i saw security door close so i said maybe i should uh check there then the door opened and RED was walking away about to vent out and he tried to kill me then I report and said "OOOHH I KNEW IT EVERYONE ITS RED" then i win this all happened today

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  • I would beg to differ with the lights trick I mean ya 3 ppl in lights easy kill but still a bit risky cause they might have the little chance to call meetig the winner here is 02 definitely cuase it is 2 parts they split and then even if they finish u can sab the cafe and chop one's head off so.

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  • The blank name thing did not work. Just me

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  • It said that the blank name wasn’t allowed

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  • rëd süs

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  • Every video I unsub just to do the challenge

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  • I just tried the Unicode thing and it wouldn’t let me get in a lobby

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  • Another tip, don't be toxic, or you will be the one voted out.

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  • 1 200 IQ among us tips by me: sabotage reactor people will come fix just stand at 1 of the reactor thingy 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0 win:)

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  • the unicode didn’t work for me

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    • @Savannah Marie Goodwin it means you can’t do it anymore the creators don’t want you too

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    • @BusPlayzCool what does that mean? sorry i literally have no idea😅

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    • It is patched

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  • Unicode 3164 doesn’t work for me

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    • They patched it

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    • It just says server refused name

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  • I will use my writing hand

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  • My special move is if u lie and get someone kicked out and then there’s 3 of u left so they obviously know that the imposter is you bc whoever u voted out wasn’t the imp so they’re about to call a meeting and vote u out u have to set the reactor off so they can’t call a meeting while there’s an emergency and then u go to reactor and wait at one of the scanners but not fixing it and then one of them will either come to that scanner to fix it and u kill them or u just wait for the reactor to die then u win lol

    elel5 օր առաջ
  • I Know How To Win Easy: Only Sabotage Electrical, When Sabotaged Kill Anyone You Can Then Hide In The Vents, If SOmeone Says You Vented Calmy Say That That Person Vented

    bloxy kidbloxy kid5 օր առաջ
  • Well, the Unicode 3164 didn't work, it just said "Server refused username : ㅤ"

    Brayden LozadaBrayden Lozada6 օր առաջ
    • It Doesn’t work anymore

      BusPlayzCoolBusPlayzCool4 օր առաջ
  • Left handers, let’s defeat them!

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  • Kill the proved innocents because they won’t be voted

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  • now i have invisible name hahaha

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  • From the "long category of sus" @12:28 what does "Jake Pauler" and "Does Bruno Mars" mean?

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  • JK i love it amazing u a really good youtuber

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  • U+3164:not working U+318D:working

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  • Invisible name doesn't work. I tried it

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  • 1:28 it doesn’t work I tried it and it says “inappropriate name “

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  • This is basic info that good players know

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  • I can’t do it he name thing

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  • Dude. I’m left handed.

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  • Is it just me or could you hear The Animal Crossing: New Horizons music in the background of the video?

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    • You've been playing too much animal crossing

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  • The invisible name glitch doesn't work anymore.

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  • Subscribed with my left hand

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  • I never trust anyone in among us because one time i was impostor and didnt kill my friend but when MY FRIEND was an impostor he killed me

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    • You cant trust anyone in among us

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    • True

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    • Crazy

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  • When your left handed

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  • These are basics not tips

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  • Actually,if you are 1 impostor with 2 crews left,you need to sabotage reactor. Because only 1 crew can go fix lights meanwhile other one presses immidiately to do discussion. But you need 2 crew for reactor which can gain you an easy win.

    Baran AyaydınBaran Ayaydın7 օր առաջ
  • Admin room (by the table)also a good place(I've killed there)

    aticha praneechotirosaticha praneechotiros7 օր առաջ
  • O

    the amazingsqthe amazingsq7 օր առաջ
  • 3:28 you got perfect wire fix!

    Gamemaster AlexGamemaster Alex7 օր առաջ
  • I can't sabotage while moving on phone so I sabotage while I'm pretending to do tasks always long tasks.

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  • I am left handed

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  • Does not work

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  • I Know the clicking one:)

    The Knights LeagueThe Knights League8 օր առաջ

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  • Mine said it was an inappropriate name when I tried invisible name can someone help

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  • For the last one, another option is to sabotage while faking a task. And also another tip: if you have 2 imposters on five, or 1 imposter on three. Don’t go looking for the stealthy kill. This will slow you down and give the crew mates more time to finish tasks. Since you are one kill away from winning, it doesn’t matter is someone sees you kill, you will have already won

    PengwengUnicornPengwengUnicorn8 օր առաջ
  • Among Us is basicly racial wars people accuse you by calling out your COLOR

    JustARegularToasterJustARegularToaster8 օր առաջ
  • This helped thx!

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  • i sub with left hand

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  • How you can escape when there is only 4 crewmates left and your the imp follow sombody doing a download kill them or just make sure you get a kill and you closr the doors hide in the vents till they report it also if you want to make it easy to do a stack kill do comms they will most likely stack up together

    F33starF33star8 օր առաջ