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I try and make my sponsorships/ads as funny as I can so I hope this video could make you laugh even if it's really short. Like I said in the video I'm working on another video right now as we speak. It will be done in a couple weeks for sure. It's one I wanted to do for a while because it has some of the more interesting stories in it.
Check out my shorts channel in the mean time. I think I might even upload something there later today. Or maybe I'll play minecraft. Anything is possible.

have a good one ❤️

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  • check it out here! ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨

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    • Idc

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    • My wallet: HOW ABOUT NO

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    • So like when's the next real video?

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    • K I will get it :)

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  • that is adorable

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  • I got it now all i have to do is wait...

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  • You should make a video bout pets

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  • kk bossa is the best kk song and you cannot change my mind (bubblegum kk is close second 💕)

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  • Damn the title actually works for views. Don't even know who you are

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  • Now this has nothing to do with the video but, I was thinking to make an ice cream sandwich and then eat it

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  • i dident click the video, i clack'd it

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  • "Click this video" You: oh, ok then

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  • This was posted on my bday

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  • I accidentally clicked this video.

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  • I did

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  • But father, I'm broke to acquire product

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  • What’s with the Italian “a-goodbye-a”

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  • Omg in my notifications I thought this was clickbait LOL

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  • Smart name

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  • I bought one

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  • I like that the legs on the youtoos are on the side

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  • I couldn’t help it I had to click this video

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  • DO IT FOR THE DOG!!! 🐶

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  • Thanks for money

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  • "click this video" no one: me: HA THIS SIGN CANT FOOL ME I CANT READ!!! my cousin that lives in the basement: comes out of the closet it says 'click this video'

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  • I forgot to click on the video.

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  • Ckilnkinty clink click clonk bonk Bank Baonkionk Ye key yee

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    • Anyone else thought it was gonna be a rickroll

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  • The beginning was the pest part 0.0

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  • I clicked the video. Happy?

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  • I knew it

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  • Hi

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  • “One last time, as per the contract. I must advise you to acquire product.” Subbed, great job youtube recommendations.

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  • Lovely dog

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  • ok

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  • *i want it but can’t have it*

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  • I just clicked this video on pure impulse amazing

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  • I don't even know who this guy is but I clicked this video....... And now I want those smol pizza eating dude...

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  • This Is Copyright

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  • ?

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  • I am here just to say i cant click the video because i am phone

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  • I know it's because your personality is so endearing, but your adverts are really good.

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  • Anyone else thought it was gonna be a rickroll

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  • Oh umm ;-; ok

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  • Hi

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  • When you found this video in your recommended and clicked cuz it said so.

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  • me:this is obvious clickbait also me: clicks vid

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  • some random ice cream sandwich viewer: product saying from hell said from satan?? COOL! ice cream sandwich: yeast yes boiy

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  • *no*

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  • Click the video 939 thousand people: sure

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    • kidneys

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  • 1. Looks in wallet - There is only dust 2. Looks on table - There is some polymer clay! 3. I have an idea - probably I'll forget by tomorrow...

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  • No. I am on mobile. I Tapped the video. Also I did not watch it, I paused the ad that came before the video started and left this comment, then clicked off. I win, sandwich man.

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