Crash meme [remake + Backstory spoiler] - Gachalife + Flipaclip

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Okok, idk what to say 😅
Hi everyone!!!
Here's the Crash meme remake (Wohoooooo 🥳)
Well, this took me about two or three months, and I posted the first WIP one month ago.
I lost motivation like one hundred times before actually working on it 🙇🏻‍♀️
There are HUGE Backstory spoilers here, so again, make your theories ✨
With nothing more to say...
Hope you like it!!! 🌸💕~

- Fps: 25
- Total frames: 1100
- Song: Neovaii - Crash
- Time: Two/Three months
- Apps/things used:
~ Flipaclip
~ Gachalife
~ Background eraser
~ Sketch

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  • What I said about creativity, what I said about so much creativity, a living magician, creativity died from his wings, I moved his slides, I moved his slides, I moved his slides, I moved his slides, I moved his slides, I moved his slides.

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