I made rocket league players rage with these impossible challenges...

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In the video, I found Rocket League players streaming on live on Twitch and gave them 7 challenges to complete. I donate $100 if they complete the challenge I ask them to do, but if they fail to complete it, they get nothing. When a player fails to complete the challenge, $100 keeps getting added to the prize pool until someone ends up completing it. Hope you enjoy!
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Streamers (in order):
0:00 - intro
2:14 - challenge 1: musty flick
3:28 - challenge 2: 130kph shot
7:37 - challenge 3: standing up
9:45 - challenge 4: 8 demos
11:06 - challenge 5: ceiling shot
12:17 - challenge 6: 20kph shot
14:23 - challenge 7: no boost
Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com
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  • The demo challenge should’ve been called free 💯 dollars because I get like 1000 demos after they score

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  • Sunless did this one before you you just copied him

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  • Get a game with out no bost

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  • Since I'm on gold 3: kinda easy

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  • 17:28 i love the number of boost

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  • Can you do a air dribble then a turtle shot and double tap at the same time

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  • Musty cow is an anime guy

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  • did anybody notice Karl from Mr. Beast voice? 14:30

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  • What was that banner Mc_Lando used?

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  • I could of gave you 12 plus demos in one game

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  • Lol i play every game standing up

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  • I hit a 131mph shot on stream. Kinda sad I didn't get the chance to show it off

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  • Mertzy did a 1kph shot

  • You are so welcome musty I love your channel it looks like a lot of fun doing these vids and I know it takes a lot of time making so next time you stream can I play with you because I know how to calm people down if they rage and if you rage I can calm you down

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  • Hey musty big fan the other day my brother got 9 demos in one game while. Playing with me and I think you should make a only demo so basically make a demolition round ONLY tell me what you think nice vid btw.

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  • Omg 6 million views

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  • I got a 212 kph shot in normal mode (alone)

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  • Do a crazy goal Hanko: are you talking to me?

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  • I thought the first guy gets to move on and make more money on the next challenge???

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  • Кто русский👉

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  • Musty. Who is your favorite character in Rick and Morty?

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  • 15:50 ... Biggest simp ever

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  • 14:20 is cizzors

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  • Anyone play eu that wants to play?

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  • AYO i just realized how fresh the fade is

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  • I feel bad for the first guy on the no boost

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  • you are best player ever your so good at making your videos best every Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) :) :) :)

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  • No problem big Big fan.

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  • been waiting for you to show up in mine. hard challenge tho

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  • 12:53 ummmmm is that guy ok?

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  • I dont rage over a game.

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    • Brown Bear no one cares

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  • Hiiiii Musty I am a Huge fan and I was kinda wondering, My birthday is coming up on the 15th of jan. So I was wondering if you could give me a shoutout!!!

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  • amworlds.info/up/CD1_IVwcBbc4QMefWvif-g

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  • I always play every game standing up lmao

  • “Good try homie” ??😂😂😂😂😂DAMN

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  • his bank acount is dead from this

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  • 16:17 did he actually say he has no boost my guy it’s unbinded

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  • (Musty) i will give 0 credits if you play fortnite If you get 1 kill in a game you will get onother o credits

    Neer RindiNeer Rindi14 օր առաջ
  • to get under 20 kph u need less than 12.427423844748mph

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  • Musty doo you watch anime

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  • For the last one musty donated 300 instead of 400 but that’s stilll a lot of money

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  • What do you think of my pfp made it myself

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  • 6 months later Musty has 2 mil subs

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  • imagine ayygay seeing this and thinking to himself... i just lost 200$

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  • 16:39 musty you said 400$ and then you gave him 300 dollars 💵

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  • I love watching someone watch someone play rocket league. It’s almost as fun as watching someone watch someone watch people play rocket league!

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    • I had a stroke reading this

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  • I feel like you should of made it 1v1 cuz he got carried by his teammate

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  • I scored whit 3 khp

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  • you just did a mr beast thing that is nice musty

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  • Musty in comments: Thanks for 800k *me checking* Subscribers:2.08mil

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  • 1:35 seven deadly sins lol big fan big fan wut about u guys??

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  • I hit a 157 kph goal

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  • Hey, my friend recommended me this channel. What do you use to play Rocket League?

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  • Musty I have made something called my name is Isham so I ma

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  • £100? Mrbeast would bet 100,000

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  • "Yeah I had no boost" cracked me tf up😂😂😂

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  • I’m gonna create a flick because I am a pretty big streamer if I do say myself. If u don’t believe me go to my channel and consider Subscribing, I have a TON of subs. :)

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  • pethy was toxic and he banned me 😑

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  • Captures the spirit 🤤⚡️

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  • Bro I scored a 1kph

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