history of japan

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  • Japan was once called Dipshit.

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  • Bill sure is funny😀.

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  • 4:46

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  • Hi china :) Hi *D I P S H # T*

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  • “Okay” = Come at me bro

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  • Philippines: am i a joke to you?

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  • 6:20-6:34 WW1 in a nutshell

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  • can't believe he's back

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  • “And guess who is also scared of Russia” ad: *KFC*

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  • Hheheesss bbbbaaaaaaacclkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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  • That world war 1 segment on how Japan came to the conclusion they should take the islands was fucking brilliant

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  • "Did I say Downgrade or Upgrade" You said Downgrade

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  • imagine history video about Ukraine

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  • japan: im scared of russia also japan: wins the russo-japanisse war

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  • Let’s be honest, you’re not the only one who is listening to this in 2021.

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    • Probably

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  • And then Japan's population starts to decline

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  • bruh i was thinking of rewatching then it got recommended

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  • my Teacher asked us to make a report about japan, i didnt do mine so i was crunchin my brain while my teacher was explaining. good thing is I watch this video again and again for no actual reason. now my report sounded kinda serious. thank u for makin this.

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  • hey, i thought indonesia has the most volcanoes, indonesia is called the ring of fire :/

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  • this video is pretty accurate

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  • Darn it youtube, you didnt have to remind me that bill wurtz is gone.

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    • He posted a new video two hours after you commented this

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  • Am I the only one playing it on 1,25× speed just because it seems more Bill Wurtz related?

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  • Nobody: America:open the country

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  • They all died in a tornado

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  • qui est là grâce au live de louis ?

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  • I feel like I've learned everything and nothing at the same time.

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  • Back then just Walmart version of china

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  • Not bill making a donald trump refernce 👁👄👁

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  • me- watching bill wurtz youtube- plays an add about bill wurtz me- wtf

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  • such a bad explanation.

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  • How bout I do Anyway ?

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  • When you actually know the whole history and watch this videos you'd understand how epic it really is...

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  • Poor Russia he just wanted warm water

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  • I got an add about Edward normal hands and ngl he’s kinda hot~

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  • be christen

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    • pls

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  • 普通に分かりやすいし面白いし好き

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  • middle eastern country: OMG WE FOUND OIL WE CAN PROSPER 4:46

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  • This makes more sense then my Japanese class

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  • amworlds.info/town/d466k6W70Kl_2qI/video.html

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  • He prolly lives in japan

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    • Gud. :3

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    • @L3VIHD wait, checked his Twitter he is alive ÙwÚ

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    • @mochichan dun dun dun

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    • Is he alive tho

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  • History of Japanese armys

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    • Ya

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  • 6:25

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  • Im from Serbia o-o

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  • 0:52 knock knock get the door it‘s Religion Me bruh 😂🤣

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  • I’ve learned everything

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  • bill wurtz maked a video and died in a tornado

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  • 6:30 Let me just say, WW1 did not start because some guy from serbia shot another guy from austria-hungary, no that was just an exuse austria-hungary used so they wouldn't look like an aggressor.The real reason WW1 started was competition of european countries for power in europe and beyond.

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  • how japan took over korea hi china china:hi dipsh** japan can u call us something else china:like what japan how about sunrise land china no. japan oh wait the sun is a deadly laser! wait i got a brilliant idea lets create solar powered lasers (creates solar powered lasers) japan 1910 Korea Korea I declare war on you (advances quickly) korea japan how are you advancing so quickly Japan I used the stroller powered lasers that I inventeted thanks to me wanting China to call me Sunrise land . china:i should have never said hi

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  • Half of me expected to see anime popping off in this history lmao

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  • 1:17

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  • You'll Never Guess who else is scared of Russia.. Ad: Hi im Pusher...

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  • We could make a religion out of this

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  • Japan: "Hi, China." China: "Hi, Dip$h!t." Me: Holy hell, that sounds like something *I'd* say. 😀

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  • you sir are brilliant please bestow upon us more of this shit it's addictive

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  • 4:46

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  • Japan:I am sorry is the a American joke which I am too Japanese to understand?

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  • Wait at :13 you said it got warm and it became an island? You mean there was Global Warming BEFORE we started to burn fossil fuels! SAY IT AIN'T SO!

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  • Normal ass teachers: Ok now go get your books please This one teacher: *K class lez watch this vid*

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  • Update its 2021 and they still let the emperor dress like an emperor

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  • rest in peace good channel

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  • This is just oversimplified on LSD

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  • apparently japan is most of the world history cuz world history 19 mins and japan 9mins

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  • なんかムカつく

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  • Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.

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  • Please Do history of ethiopia 🙌🏾

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  • actually it was the Russia involvement against Japan in WW II (whom would've to fight on two fronts) that ended the war, rather than the atomic bombs. In numbers, the other bombardments killed more people than the atomic ones.

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  • "He said, and failed, and also died" is such a fantastic bit of comedic escalation

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  • If Germany didn’t declare war on USA they might had a chance

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  • It’s us

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  • plot twist: japan was mad about being called dipshit by china and declared war in 1937

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  • Bill I love you please make more videos thank

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  • gunboats'

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  • dipshit?

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  • The best thing is *My history teacher played this in class.*

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  • Update: It’s 2021 and they still let the emperor dress like an emperor.

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  • 0:31 welcome to the rice field (censored) lol

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  • japan as a small little tiny country, everything is copied from China.

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  • He makes two history videos. World and Japan. Nice.

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  • Biggest brain

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  • "try this hot new religion from Bjekt... NO. tryyy iiiiitt. no. AnD sO tHe NeW rElIgIoN wAs pUt InTo PlAcE" i love that line so much

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  • この短い動画でよくここまでわかりやすくまとめたなと思います。

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  • So I’m Dutch what means I’m always allowed in japan? Cooool

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  • 3:03 So That Why MAP in Basara Heroes Is So Colorfull

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  • I was waiting to see the history of anime. Its still cool tho

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  • Wuttt euro sells jesus

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  • i genuinely cannot fathom that this video is almost 5 years old time isn't real

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  • Legends has it they still let the emperor dress like an emperor

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  • That got dark real quick 8:18

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  • High school and middle drama be like : 6:20

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  • No one...... corpse: 6:13

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  • 6:15 Corpse husband vibes

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  • 4:00 Sorry,but who is he? Is he Amerikan star?

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  • history of earth. 1: a dot 2: it's huge.

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  • I love how they never talk about Canada 😂 like Canada helped out more then the USA did in world war 2 😂

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    • Yeah thanks a ton America you really helped us

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  • The History of Dipshit fucked me up for watching this lol

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  • a

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