HOW I LOST 20 POUNDS!! (Tips and secrets)

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Hey guys! This is how I lost 20 pounds! I’m not a doctor or nutritionist or anything like that just wanted to share what worked for me :) every body type is beautiful and I think you should love yourself no matter 🤗 if you want a notification shout out make sure to turn my notifications on and comment done and what you liked about this video :)
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  • pass your videos to the Portuguese ❤️❤️

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  • ok she is literally the sweetest person ever!

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  • Its hard to loose weight when ur family doesn't agree with you😒

    Ciera SchaefflerCiera Schaeffler5 օր առաջ
  • Does anyone know where her dress is from?

    Fiona AFiona A7 օր առաջ
  • me: *used to be fat* *my friends and family making fun of my weight for 2 years* now: family: YOUR TOO SKINNY!1!

    Ryza MedinaRyza Medina16 օր առաջ
  • I lost weight to but I ate anything I wanted I just limited myself

    ashley lopezashley lopez17 օր առաջ
  • im happy for you but you seem very restrictive with your diet. not saying this is you but that’s how people develop eating disorders. like you said, everything in moderation is good, and no food group should be categorized as bad. all love and i hope the best for you ❤️💖

    Noura E.Noura E.18 օր առաջ
  • Where’s your dress from?

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  • I eat my feelings away, too! I have acne so...yeah. I hate that I eat my feelings away. 😭 You and Jonah are such a cute couple. I am so jealous! 💜💜💜💜💜

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  • Tessa your pretty in every way -slay

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  • Watching this in 2020 so weird seeing nobody wearing masks 🙃

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  • I’m watching this in Dec 2020 and when they asked her for a pic I shocked because they are not wearing a mask!! Hahaha 😂😂 Covid is driving me crazy

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  • I really wish I could get a partner in this weight loss journey coz I'm going through huge depression right now

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  • 4:48 wtf is that iaan dior walking by???????

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  • “it’s pride month!” that was so cute😭

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  • Poor yeezys 😭💔 love the video tho!

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  • She looks beautiful either way. Big or small

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  • Idk why but when that group of young kids came up to her at chipotle and that girl acted like that it made me cringe ..... she was lowkey like rude to her friends and she barely even said anything to Tessa lmao she just insisted on getting a picture and then as soon as it was done she grabbed her vlog camera and made sure to get Tessa in it lmao..... is this what LA is like now yikes

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  • remember that everyone is different and what worked for her does not Messerly mean it will work for you.

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  • Tessa is so cute. Like she is just always smiling

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  • The real question is. Is that ya boys cologne? 😂

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  • Great tips!! I can tell from my personal experience that for someone who is just starting out, designing a solid meal plan can be hard and time consuming. There are great tools and supplements on the internet that can help. I used Vanguard Formulas. It's very potent and did a great job for me, helping me lose 12 pounds (most of which is fat) in one month. You can check if it might work for you too. The best thing is you don't have to worry about gaining extra weight after meals lol

    Margaret LailaMargaret LailaԱմիս առաջ
  • Fake you tessa

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  • How many times a week do you workout ?

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  • in how long she lost 20 pounds ???

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  • You inspired me thank you love you

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  • Wtf Tessa is beautiful

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  • I have been working out for months, eating less and eating healthy and I still haven’t lost weight, what else should I do?

    LullieLullie2 ամիս առաջ
  • I lost tons of weight then I gained it and it hard to go back I was calorie counting back then but I’m lazy none of my old close fit me I don’t feel happy about my body I’m going to start tomorrow

    Dia Mond_rayDia Mond_ray2 ամիս առաջ
  • To the people who came here because of the thumbnail.. just know that she’s a child in the first picture. Everyone goes through a stage like that

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  • I didn't know she was fat

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  • The relationship between her and her mom 🥺

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  • If this gets 10 likes I have to actually eat healthy

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  • Watch if it’s 2020

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  • Right she’s soo beautiful

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  • u literally look like alyssa miksel

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  • If your young don’t cut out dairy completely eat yogurt and other dairy products that help your bones!

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  • I don’t have the attention span for the whole video someone pls summarize

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  • 1 k likes and I’ll become vegeterian

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  • no me reading “20” as “200”

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  • ok so im trying to lose weight sooo for every like i will do a sit up/squat/ push up. and every comment i will go a day without sugar and junk food..... im really counting on this comment flopping lol.

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  • "Chipotle is such a good meal" I just had that shit the other day was fkn gross. they put wayy too much lime on their rice and chicken. And I've also tried those tacos from trader joes. They aren't healthy lmao cuz people usually don't eat 4...they tiny as hell. To each their own tho...

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  • she has such a cute relationship w her mom🥺

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  • 8:02 that was so amazing!!!! What she said was just too cute!!! She’s so supportive and I love it!!! ❤️

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  • Skinny goals

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  • "Gotta make it colorful. Its pride month" Omg she's so cute😭

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  • This was on by birthday

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  • I love Taco Bell but i wanna lose 10 pounds but i don’t like healthy food at all.

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  • I like how u stick to basics and am able to aRticuLATer 4a facetofACE, ur mom is super SMart, say hi for me

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  • U hav 40% of my cool guy charismatic cHarmE

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  • currently eating a bunch of Oreos.....

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  • See, I don't have a problem with eating my feelings. Because I don't eat when I'm sad.

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  • Use

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  • You’re so pretty what foundation do you uy

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  • You don’t have to cut out carbs if you want to eat healthy

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  • Someone tell me how to gain weight 🙄😭

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  • My mom: your beautiful just the way u are Also my mom: that would look better if u lost a little weight. Also also my mom: you should workout Literally my mom: u should diet my mom: we’re having hot and ready pizza

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  • Every like I get is a day I will eat health and workout

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  • Maybe she would be more famous if she stuck with the million dollar man Jake Paul and team ten look at how much his career grew

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  • Jesus Christ died for our sins so the devil would not drag us to hell. Jesus tells us to profess with our tongue and believe in our hearts that He is Lord so we can make it to heaven; however, many of us have rejected Him and chose sin. pls come to Christ and reject the true evil: the devil. as long as you believe and walk in His ways, you will reach the Divine Kingdom. God bless you all🥰💞

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  • This is how many days I’m going to be vegan

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  • You inspired me sooo much thanks I will try my best 🥺😁❤️💗

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  • Try Vegan Ranch if milk from a cow bothers you . Follow your Heart has a good Vegan Ranch.

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  • She’s literally such a bruh girl

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  • through Christ all is possible

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  • i forgot how much i love tessa haha

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  • If I lose 20 lbs I will be 82 pounds. I am 4’11 and just went thru puberty do you guys think I should lose weight?

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  • Your mom is so cool!

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  • When she was in team10 she seemed like really shy, quiet, dark, and now she’s powerful, beautiful, colourful. And I have been a fan since 1million❤️❤️❤️

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  • I actually found this so helpful and way more easier than any other weight loss video's I have watched tyxx💜💜

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  • Tessa: *leaves Team 10* Jake: -looks like a hobo and being problematic- Tessa now: -being successful and chilling with her unproblematic life and making her personality shine- I stan Tessa 😌✨❤️

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