Mixed & Mastered: Behind the Scenes with Noah “40” Shebib and the OVO Sound Production Team

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OVO Co-Founder, 40 and his iconic production team share a behind the scenes look at crafting the OVO sound.
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  • Wow this says a lot this is why people win Championships not because of the player but because of the TEAM

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  • Long live OVO

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  • Wait. What does Robert Deniro have to do with the process?

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  • Dvsn- pull out

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  • Susie I'd love to rec on just 1 of 40s beats

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  • Wow, We could almost say that he could be the brother of "Tommy Lee Jones" they look alike. 🙂

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  • Sad that they only produce for Drake and his crew

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  • I’ve been digitally making music since 7 years, these guys made me realise I’m just at the beginning

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  • #OvOinspires

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  • Loyalty, I care more about loyalty than I care about love. big ups respect.

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  • Too much avidity. Greed takes many forms

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  • We need a full doc of this

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  • What's really crazy is your team has really defined a generational sound... All these other artist seem to follow... There's few artists that really compete with themselves like you do

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  • Watching this after your other interview...I can't believe you're just out here building studios... Who does that..that takes a whole other level of intelligence

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  • Tick, tick, tick

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  • And people wonder why drake is still the best after 10 years?

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  • ovo 40 hunched over like he 80 ⌚️ how much time he got that man is 🤢

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  • Why 40 smoking a dart

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  • 40 is my favorite rapper

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  • 666k view WOW! Spooky lol

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  • These are people that really know what they are doing. Not some FL producers. Not only do they understand in depth what they are doing, they are building their own apparatus since even elite, top end brands cannot give them what they want. Nothing but respect and admiration.

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  • Kanye- mike dean Kendrick - mixedbyali Drake- Noah 40 Geniuses behind stars

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  • Why is 40’s name/nickname 40?

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  • Hi Alex :)

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  • mans mixed for king tubby that says enoufff

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  • I love the OVO sound like the actual OVO vybe sound, it's just iono bro but the Piano specifically that always sets such a vybe...recall "Wu-Tang" that intro, I wish it could go on a FAT minute with different waves and frequencies to it to tell a melodic Drizzy vybe story ya dig?

  • OVO 40 Hunched over like he 80

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  • 40 is a great guy.

  • Thank you for sharing ❤️

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  • the don 40 = jammy benz

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  • What a trio. They are amazing!!!

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  • 2:35 , 40 sounds like the Canadian Joe Rogan

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  • amworlds.info/town/Xo6whorNr7minKY/video.html

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  • Loved this

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  • Drakes OVO Production Team using Oscilloscopes and Soldering Irons...These guys are really putting in work

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  • open.spotify.com/track/7gSYxv9Xtr7If1yxCVha5G?si=pNQj7eKlQN-16f7ziZ-hYA natejaybossjay

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  • Everyone talking about 40 but what about pops playing the keys?! He's obviously helped craft some shit

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  • 40 40

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  • 40 a goat but bit of a hero.

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  • Nigga sound like filthy frank

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  • What the f*** breaking bad you don't give a f*** about me ya'll guys are making me go crazy

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  • Plugins spotted: Waves Cla-3a, Waves C4 Multiband compressor, bx-stereomaker, Fabfilter comp, Plugin alliance Maag EQ, T-rack classic EQ, Waves L2 Limiter, Waves Vitamine Exiter, Waves-Xnoise 😁

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    • @LOR Takeover cool, do you need a producer though?

    • Only my own music

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    • @LOR Takeover are you an engineer man??

    • Can you sell me a template

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    • YOU'RE THE GOAT ! Thank you.

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  • God bless 40

    Andrew LazAndrew Laz8 ամիս առաջ
  • Fun fact, dark lane demo tapes wasn’t mixed by gadget. 40 broke his own rule a whole year later 😂😂

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  • Like that OVO bic lighter

  • Boi-1da > 40 Change my mind.

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    • 40 is more of an engineer though..they are both great

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  • Is this the dude that played Selena’s dad in Selena’s movie? 🤔 lol

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  • 40: Smartest producer Also 40: smokes a cigarette while sitting at a priceless antique🤦🏾‍♂️

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    • Umm that's no cigarette... Cigarettes aren't clear and green😂

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  • Tick tick tick

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  • the size of those speakers in the background

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  • whats the first song in the background ?

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  • you're a legend 40,

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  • Bro. Whats the name of the song on the back of the video?

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  • If they're the best, then teach us. a gift like "quality" should be merry.

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  • 40 is the adult nick

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  • What is the beat that starts at 2:52 until the end?

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  • I got hella beats on my page, check em out! soundcloud.com/beatsbyvictaylor

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  • From 2:50 the instrumental on the back ground is dvsn's think about me from his album Morning after

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    • BRO THANK YOU lol

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    • thank you I was literally looking for this comment lol

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  • You guys are awesome .

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  • I would love to learn about making sound systems ( I think .... not sure if this is a passing thought or not though .... )

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  • Noah have you experienced a PK Sound System ? ( Manufactured in Calgary )

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  • ok

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  • 40 is a legend.🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥

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  • Bunch of retards make drakes music 😂

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  • Bum ass niggas 😂

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  • legends!! - bay area, ca fan

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    • I live in the bay as well!

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    • Tony A are you an engineer?

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  • Dvsn playing in the background 🔥 song by the way

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  • The goat

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  • "...Tick, Tick, Tick"

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  • People dont realise most people behind the boards are 40-50+ year old dudes working all the magic and not these push button producers

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  • 40 is the OVO sound. You deserve way much more credit and money.

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  • Smokin that canadian cabbage

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  • 40 Dracos

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  • Jamaica been producing legends to produce legends.

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  • Your only as good as your team!

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  • The rasta guy looks like the jelly fish from shark tale lol

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  • Big up to 40 and the team.😙💨 #weacme

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  • Reporting live from lynwood California letsgetit allhustle salute we rocking with yall mane 🙏

  • Tommy Lee Jones, Moby an Marley

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  • Definitely need a team like that

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  • all love

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  • He gives so much to drake I hate it, I wanna just hear his beat tapes

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  • Damn this was a great video I love how 40 paid mad respect were it was due, Less and Gadget deserve it. Long over due we need more honest people like them in the Music industry legendary

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  • See us Jamaicans got an good ear for music

  • Awesomely Dope!!!

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  • Damn whats that beat in the background at 0:41

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    • JosephYOv thank you so much 🙏🏼

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    • No Face dvsn - in too deep Amazingggg song

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  • Ayo shout out Hush ! AP i see you family!

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  • this is really cool. shout out Toronto

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  • Canada 🇨🇦 we need to adopt some of the ways they have peace and and unity at least some of the fucking times us is a great place but we have to much hate among our community 🤦🏿‍♂️

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