I Challenged My Girlfriend to the ULTIMATE 1v1 (LOSER HAS TO...)

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I challenged my girl Kaelyn to a series of challenges and let's just say you DON'T want to lose..
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  • I agree with Faze about the Scorpio

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  • 60 degrees is like summer to me 🤣

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  • 60 degrees is cold ?! 60 is summer where I’m from 😭 and I think I’ve swam in colder water

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  • i woudle like a ps5

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  • Rug I love your videos! But I do have one thing it's funny when you say it's cold where u are and it's only like 15c. We are usually sitting at 1 or 2 c and we had -14 c in Scotland this winter one day lol. And the best summer here is like 30 odd degrees lol. Let's get rug to 20 Mill!!

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  • I like how Kaelyn is always happy her smile is amazing!

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  • Y’all think 60 is cold where I live that’s warm

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  • Rug is a great boyfriend still running around the pool with her 😂😂

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  • Absolutely love that Kaelyn is so down for anything! Makes your channel so much more interesting!

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  • COME ON EVERYONE ! Subscribe to FaZe Rug 💕 Let’s get him to 20mil + subs !!!! Great videos and no clickbait 🚫 he uploads constantly & you won’t regret it

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  • 60° is hot for me I live in mn 😂

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  • 60 degrees is hot

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  • bro -10 degrees is cold for me

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  • Me and my sis love your vids

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  • you guys say 60 is cold even though me in Wisconsin with it being -20 lol

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  • whatever camera noah uses i want it because i made my youtube channel go subscribe.

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  • Badlands chugs when he saw the chug be like COME HERE ITS EASY

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  • 60 is my summer lol east coast

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  • 60 degrees “it’s so cold”...as it’s below 0 here 😂😂

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  • Yk this nigga rug ain’t healthy if he can’t chug a water bottle

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  • What was K’s pet peeve?

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  • 60 degrees is a Chicago summer bro

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  • man said 60 degrees cold

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  • I like how faze rug is not fat and not super sane strong just skinny like respect

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  • I like how faze rug is not fat not sstrong

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  • Some people can't have food, and ur putting it in ur shoes and in ur feet and "discusting"

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  • Bro Brian complaining about 60° and 55° pool I live in New York and it’s like 35° every day in the winter

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  • Yo Brian/Faze Rug I have subscribed and post notifications are on! Just saying cause I need that PS5 badly

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  • 55 degrees isnt cold😭 nebraska weather be switching up more than my wifi

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  • Although I am late but I really need a MacBook laptop. The hp laptop I was using has blown off about a month ago and I have exams in the next few weeks. I am a Liberian student in Morocco 🇲🇦 Much love from Liberia, Brian

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