The Rubi Rose Interview: DDG Break Up, Making Millions on OnlyFans, Carti & Iggy Break Up & More

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A lot has happened for the lovely Rubi Rose since she was on the show last year! Her music blew up, her popularity exploded and she's giving us a run down of what she's been up, working on, details on her dating life and more!
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  • 1:22 How Rubi's career has evolved in a year 2:04 Rubi is constantly in the studio chasing a hit 2:41 Rubi writes her own but doesn't mind working with writers 3:27 Working with Future aka "King Toxic" + "Future's work ethic is crazy!" 5:26 How's the label situation going? + She and Boosie still getting booked despite the pandemic 6:57 The cucumber debacle "All the girls had to take their top off before entering the party" 7:46 OnlyFans has replaced the live shows in terms of revenue 8:32 DDG put Rubi on to get a OnlyFans 9:08 Rubi doesn't want to date a scammer at all 10:13 Rubi thinks the OF 1% is only designed to encourage ppl to keep making content 10:55 What you will find on Rubi's OF 12:32 How Rubi makes new friends: "I'm pretty you're pretty, let's link up" 13:55 Rubi on her ex best friends: "A snake is a snake wether they're hot or not" 14:21 Rubi on her ex best friend dating Lil Tjay 16:45 Rubi is still friends with DDG "Put some respek on his name!" 18:42 Rubi says she would have loved to be at the Blueface house + Adam explains what happened while he was there 20:26 Rubi about to get more active on her OF 22:09 Does Rubi is over sexualized? 23:52 The aftermath of the Lil Tjay beef 24:40 Rubi going out of her way to not say anything messy "Guys are scary, guys are recording, guys are bitches!... Guys are groupies!" 25:55 Rubi has no gang affiliation 27:23 Has Rubi met Iggy and Playboi Carti's baby? 28:18 How Rubi got the cameo on Cardi B's video and how it went down behind the scenes 30:10 Why Rubi keeps going back to a boy who hurt her 31:48 Rubi working with Wiz Khalifa 33:00 Rubi clarifies her dating history and says she is NOT looking for anything right now 34:26 Rubi wants to know what happened when Blac Chyna walked out on her No Jumper interview 37:40 Remembering the Bad & Bougie video "How it started vs how it's going" 38:10 New mixtape/EP coming very soon, working with big names + How her relationship with DDG started 40:18 How Rubi can be linked to someone by just standing next to someone 41:11 Accomplishments Rubi is looking forward to until her next NJ interview + Other ladies she fucks with: Megan, Cardi, Nicki, City Girls, Doja, Mulatto, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish

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    • You still

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    • Man you are such a real nigga for this

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  • She doesn’t know who bandman kevo is, that’s probably why her only fans isn’t popular or as popping.

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  • she look like Ronaldinho fuck is yall talkin bout

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  • Pretty Girl, she could of made different music but got caught up with the ratchet shit 💩

    I’m EssenchoI’m Essencho3 օր առաջ
  • Amber shouldn’t be casually telling anybody to just let doctors cut them open with how hideous her stomach and titties look now. She got AWFUL surgery and it’s a shame because she had a hall of fame level body before she had her first child

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  • You a killer Ima killer let's kick it bro...

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  • I’m in love 😍

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  • Omg I love Rubi so much🥺. She’s so different from other rappers now a days. She doesn’t seem egotistical. Like she isn’t trying to be selfish saying it’s all her and only her behind her music and stuff and openly admitting she will take help if she needs it. Other rappers now a days try to say they do everything themselves. When they have like a whole ghostwriter.

    AugustusDAugustusD8 օր առաջ
  • Why people in this comment talking about shes been passed on , by who? Not even up to 6 guys , and her music is catchy asf dont care what the comments say

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  • Damn, she fine

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  • Rubi Right tho! That is a unspoken rule. That’s like borrowing my old toothbrush 🪥 like bitch I put that in my mouth...ewww

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  • Fraud

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  • This whole female "eat my pussy ahhh 😜" generation can stop

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  • It’s Patience not Precious lol

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  • Great video talking all facts

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  • Adam is a great interviewer.

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  • People asking why she gets so much hate it’s only because she’s pretty. That’s how most people stay. Unfortunate that’s even worse in the black community. Fact

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  • I really like how adam tried to sneak diss DDG and she wasn’t having none of it... she seen cool af!

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  • She prolly high

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  • Rubi is very intellectual

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  • That girls so sexy from the uk

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  • rubi is a 6 but with make up is a 7.

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    • nigga acting like you can get a chance with her

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    • 9 without makeup

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  • I knew she was going to be special ever since I saw her as a video vixen in bad n bougie

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  • rubi rose has a beautiful voice when she's talking tho not singing or rapping

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  • I’ve never heard a song by her only her bending over

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  • She cool.

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  • This just shows how a semi attractive woman with almost no body and no talent can make it. Good for her

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  • Lmfaoooo Adam said a “rural blood” HELL NAH 😭💀

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  • 12:57 nah it’s not 🤦🏽 it’s actually harder for women

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  • I like her she isn't as rachet as cardi n megan she seems down to earth

    Gary RothGary RothԱմիս առաջ
  • She seems really cool

    briczenniebriczennieԱմիս առաջ
  • she look like Tianna Trump

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  • I’ll never forget what I saw Adam 😐

    antisocial Aidxnantisocial AidxnԱմիս առաջ
  • she beautiful and pure and natural, no fake cheeks lol

    Ahsek ShahidAhsek ShahidԱմիս առաջ

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  • And she’s bad as hell she a dime

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  • She’s ugly

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  • Ddg fans all up under my last vid over a lil comment like DAMN 😭

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  • Rubi seems like a nice chill person

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  • i love rubi .

    katelyn moutonkatelyn moutonԱմիս առաջ
  • Nigga said atlanta scam 😂😂😂😂 nigga ain’t never been to Detroit , and Milwaukee 😂

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  • Rubi Been more passed than a DabPen in a High school Restroom

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  • damn she cool af

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  • Her voice is soooo soothing

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  • I hears she is from (or her parents) my country. Is she eritrean or not?

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  • shes a piece of shit!

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  • Adam you don’t know shit bout the bay😂😂😂😂 we only smoke backwoods we started it... mozzy any from the bay and we don’t gangbang out here... get it together lol I fuck wit you tho

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  • She alright hows the body

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  • Its a dude

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  • She's not the only Rubi Rose, the Australian Ruby Rose is a much bigger deal.

    Ermias BottrellErmias BottrellԱմիս առաջ
  • She’s genuinely classy like wtf

    Trethabomb453Trethabomb453Ամիս առաջ
  • No disrespect to her or nun but she got a deep voice for a girl

    Jay 3xJay 3xԱմիս առաջ
    • If you didn’t know woman can have deep voices as well? It’s natural

      She’s a MammothShe’s a MammothԱմիս առաջ
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  • Fly chick

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  • She cool

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  • im gay for ruby

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  • Y’all played my boyfriend he paid to be on your page and never got posted 😤

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  • you know she fux with adam since she let him hit the j

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  • she’s so beautiful mashallah💗

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  • The girls like Blueface a rich rapper shocker

    labuto marlabuto marԱմիս առաջ
  • Blac Chyna make 20 million on OnlyFans

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  • she makes better music than carti tbh

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  • I just don’t understand bruh I just don’t get it

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  • She’s insanely pretty🥵

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  • Aye da gas was killin Adam

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  • Everybody does not smoke swishers in the bay we smoke woods lol

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  • 5:33-5:39 .. 👂🏽? lol

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  • Listen to lil dip "Haten" on soundcloud

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  • Adam finna beat styilllllll

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    • U think so😂

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  • Adam would interview a bot if he could

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  • rubi portrays this innocent girl but not even close 😭

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  • he makes things awkward and he nosey LMAO but rubi is boring and annoying

    ariana grandeariana grandeԱմիս առաջ
  • She’s so beautiful holy fuck

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  • yo I rate Rubi she really backed DDG for real. rate that

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  • It's call girl code! Lol &it is an unspoken rule you just don't tht my bf use to say "chicks over dick"lol but usually if ur girlnkeeps taken ur man& doing shit like tht it's jealous &wants wat u have!💜

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  • This is America....😏😏

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  • ddg must be so glad he did those music videos lmao

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  • She misses that nigga carti😂

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  • ISSA LIE. The Bay Smoke Backwoods. Adam22 was wit OGs

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  • 9:08 “who’s bandman kevo “ wtfff😂😂😂😂😂😂who’s rubi rose

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  • 13:36 he basically said “ I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends, it’s always one of them gotta be ugly”

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  • Nipsey smoked swishers so idc what she says 😂

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  • He disrespectful... not feeling dude at all. It’s like he’s trying to embarrass her but is clearly attracted to her. Such weird energy. Love rubi 🤍

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  • teejay punching the air rn

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  • I respect the girls that say they want a rich ass dude and not play wit people so she get a pass cause everyone wierd as hell and different

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  • Head game fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Did he just say "mecca" that's a religious monument. You do not ever ever use that term to compare or relate to wrong doings wtf is wrong with you. Have some respect for other religions. Mecca is a place where if you commit any wrong around it, you're bound to face punishment. Don't say shit you have no idea about or its value and importance.

    Aliza uddinAliza uddinԱմիս առաջ
  • 9:16 "Ja Queen Nius".... French speakers: mdr (the french lmao)

    Léopold ZeitounLéopold ZeitounԱմիս առաջ
  • Best content on her only fans ong she got them clappers ig:@rockelslife_ for link

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  • Lets unormalize niggas being toxic wtf🤮👎🏾

    Bianca De La CruzBianca De La CruzԱմիս առաջ
  • I like it how rubi admits she would take help from someone else most of these rappers be capping knowing they have somebody writing their lyrics

    Katyanie MiguelKatyanie MiguelԱմիս առաջ
  • Adam you want your homeboy fucking your girl? It's bro code girl code, it causes issues when you fuck on someone your friend had

    Sinickas DavisSinickas DavisԱմիս առաջ
  • am i the only who came here for the ddg break up

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  • Rubi come to the bay!!!! And they smoke backwoods here and fuck with Oakland Cali if you come this way.

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  • Habesha girl

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  • This girl is not what I expected. I’m impressed and she’s gained my respect! Beauty, brains and realness 💯 she’s also very classy which is sexy af

    SpanishBarbie MusicSpanishBarbie MusicԱմիս առաջ
  • Her music is trash

    Arthur RArthur RԱմիս առաջ
  • ❤️