I almost broke up Bryce Hall & Addison Rae...

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I invited Bryce Hall to my house and we had many different challenges, and he had to FaceTime Addison to tell her something...
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  • Faze rug:is addison behind you? Bryce:that’s addison seomone:I’m Addison but I look different on cams😫

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  • Actually Addison Rae is my Celebrity Crush

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  • I feel sooo bad for Bryce :(

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  • You’re not social distancing LOL 😂 just kidding just kidding

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  • Is it just me or did I think bryc was dead was there a roomer😮😳????

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  • Me: casually starts watching video Bryce: jumps in pool and then add plays right after

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  • bruh do ppl really care about this

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  • Bryce hall is so cool like rug

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  • how did u almost broke up Bryce Hall & Addison Rae?

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  • It was a tie in the race

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  • Hi you are good .i love you are videos

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  • Shout to Bryce hall lol

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  • Wait do all the viewers remember two years ago they did a awigy board game and the ask who the name was and it said Noah and they ask are you going to follow us to the safe house yes and then Noah is the same because he's a dang ghost

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  • My longest plank : 5.00 minutes

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  • Who else thinks 40 degrees is hot

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  • Dee and Dockery taught u well Rug 😎

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  • I love how he saids "i almost broke up them" Addison didn't even come I STILL LOVE HER!

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  • Hi Faze Rug I am a fan of yours from Philippines, i'm using my brother's phone so i can attend my online class. Can u gimme phone please

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  • Hi Faze Rug I am a fan of yours from Philippines, i'm using my brother's phone so i can attend my online class. Can u gimme phone please

    Monica TarceMonica Tarce5 օր առաջ
  • Bruh if i saw addison and bryce AND they follow me i whould LITEARLY freak out like whaaaa... But in my dreams lmao😂😭😔❤️i love them so much

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  • rug a gang banger now wtf 4:48

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  • Man almost died

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  • How many cousins does he have 😂😂

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  • 6:28 hahahhaha

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  • Bryce looked like he was actually died at the end bahahahhaha

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  • Bryce camera man was like naaah cut it

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  • rug wins also rug its a tie

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  • rug won the race

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  • Guys before you watch it he didn’t almost break them up he joked and said if she doesn’t answer ima break up wit her

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  • Imagine the toilet later

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  • Bro I’m in a hole and I did they’re playing for 21 minutes

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  • 4:45 looks weird no hate

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  • I actually paused the video at that moment when they were racing and Rug won

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  • Bryce a fuckboy

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  • hiii i love when you vlog

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  • Title: I broke Brice and Addison up Video: playing ping pong

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  • I actually was on that live and every live he does he is my fav TikToker ngl

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  • Bryce thinks that everyone uses Addison for views haha

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