Saweetie - Back to the Streets (feat. Jhené Aiko) [Official Music Video]

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Director: Daniel Russell
Producer: Nathan Shcerrer
Production Company: FREENJOY, INC
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Pull up in my hood best dressed
Next thing, upgrade, who's next?
Rich boy got him on deck
Good boy, tell that nigga fetch
I put my new man on a leash
Traded in my old nigga, he was just a lease
I ride around town 'til I leave
I gave the boy a round spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Yeah, I spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Back to the streets

These dudes don’t owe you a thing
These hoes do it all for a ring
What you thinking?
What’s good?
Fuck how you feeling I wish a nigga would
Had to hit the heisman on ya homies
Stepping in here bad bitches only
My ex used to act like he owned me
Ain’t enough just to treat me like a trophy
I had that passed that knew I had trash that
Bounced on his ass turn that boy into flashback
I’m a fivestar bitch with a price tag
Got to find me somebody that can match that
Last one got on my last nerves
Made me go change my passwords
I hit the curve with that swerve
You know I get the last word
Pull up in my hood best dressed
Next thing, upgrade, who's next?
Rich boy got him on deck
Good boy, tell that nigga fetch
I put my new man on a leash
Traded in my old nigga, he was just a lease
I ride around town 'til I leave
I gave the boy a round spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Yeah, I spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Back to the streets
Back to the streets
send you back to your old hood
on hood baby this is for your own good
I'm a player ass bitch and you knew it
had a good time
now I'm ready for some new dick
Pass it to Saweetie now u hit it
through with it
There ain’t really
Nothin else to do with it
You know i leveled up
I can't be stuck
I wish you luck thoooo
consider yourself blessed
you got to fuck with the baddest
you know that I can't be kept
no I gotta dip out
#Saweetie #JheneAiko #BackToTheStreets #IcyGrl #BTTS #IcyGang


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    • YASSS u are a queen and cardi b

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    • Thee baddest females 🥰

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  • Omg I love this part What you thinking what’s good~

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  • U no the fact that she was in the clouds in the vid u no she was smoking some good weed with quavo when she made this song like if true and y'all don't need to say I'm doing this for likes because I am and I no I am

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  • One word for this song, FYE🔥

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  • Saweetie did a good job in this one. I actually like it

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  • Je pensée que Saweetie avait un iPhone moi

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  • Anybody got the ig or twitter of the guy in the music video?

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  • omg the girl playing young saweetie's hair is soooo pretty

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  • Here from lukeafk

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  • I'm liking this combo plus anything with Jhene on the track is always good.

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  • This is a a whole vibe I imagined me riding my bike in my hood floating in the sky lmao

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  • is that sample at the end from a chon and masego song?

    VV2 ժամ առաջ
  • Anyone else been fckn with saweetie since 20k subs?! Ik this chick was gonna blow up 😍

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  • Should have brought Jhene in sooner, I think. Feels like a nice summer bop.

    Khiarika1Khiarika12 ժամ առաջ
  • And that's on water signs vibes. SO GOOD

    Karyn FitiaKaryn Fitia3 ժամ առաջ
  • Its jhene singing and rapping for me. She always make the song better high key

    Tia MasonTia Mason3 ժամ առաջ
  • One of my fav rap/song this year, its a whole vibe

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  • Loving this song. Saweetie and Jhene are beautiful women.

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  • This song addicting though:)

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  • Somebody tell me is this a sample song again or not?

    한 그리 크렙 HUNGRY CRAB한 그리 크렙 HUNGRY CRAB3 ժամ առաջ
    • salty

      aminaamina2 ժամ առաջ
    • No its not a sample

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  • Love her and her music! Keep them coming saweetie❤❤❤

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  • The visuals in this video is everything.

    mary jane’s babymary jane’s baby3 ժամ առաջ
  • This is her best song!! She has a beautiful voice!!

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  • crazy how yall females love copying things men say even if its an insult to you

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    • now somebody gon say that was a thing before future said it lol

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  • WAY TO GOOD FOR 3 MINS!!!!!!!!

    Simply MarSimply Mar4 ժամ առաջ
  • luvin this video tho Saweetie bae dat bodiiii yessssss bae n u linkd up with Jhene 2 beautiful queens vibez all year long

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  • 2:21 Jhené Aiko said there’s nothing else to do with it ummm pass it to ny girls card and meg

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  • she kinda looks like doja and sounds like her

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  • Saweetie is just a great artist. I wish her all the success in the world💙💯

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  • This song should be on the game 2k21!

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  • Two gorgeous ladies.

  • I keep seeing this ad on duolingo and I can't find a way to turn it off on google ads.

    Twenty-SixTwenty-Six4 ժամ առաջ
  • She giving me Shirin David vibes kinda

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  • I'm just here for the SERVE!

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  • THE RETURN OF THE MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!!! this is giving me 2001 MTV Videos vibes

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  • Jhene ako wrote the whole song.. u can tell

    Read DavisRead Davis6 ժամ առաջ
    • And jhene raps better

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  • Found this animated version with the fairy on facebook.. 😅

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  • This was a gorgeous music video.

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  • I love this song...but PLEASE EVERYONE STOP SAYING/USING THE WORD "NIGGA, NIGGA'S". We are beautiful intelligent African Americans. You can sell a song without using that word Saweetie cant you?

    jfauntl1jfauntl16 ժամ առաջ
  • I'm here for jhene 😌😌😌😊🙌🏾

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