I Ate ONLY Kylie Jenner Food Recipes for 24 Hours! (DELICIOUS)

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I decided to eat what Kylie Jenner eats in a day, and it was the best decision ever.
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    • Work on English and grammmar

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    • Kejdkmm&mdmdmdmdmdmdmdmddmdk11111 do anyone know what that means that means I'm hungry it's of this video kdjddjjd

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    • I feel like rug said 10/10 on all of em bc he made it himself n wanted to act like it was good

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    • Bro thuis is dhar manns vid not Kylie jenner lol

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  • That boy Noah loves those glizzys

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  • Your cooking is actually not bad at all looks like you are pro at cooking

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  • the only thing that wasnt a 10/10 in this video was the lenght,should have been 20+ minutes

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  • Fact Kylie has less subscribe then him

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  • i am hungry now

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  • I love your videos so much and you are the best 😊

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  • Brian: I love *Butter* ... Yeah sure everybody will...

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  • V

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  • Why is this such funny video!! I love how Kaelyn is cooking everything a Rug is narrating! What a good girlfriend ❤

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  • Faze chef Ramsey

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  • Chef rug

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  • Bro you look like 16 yo again when you shave 🤣

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  • text kylie jenner 1-818-437-1448

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  • Congrats for 19 million subscribers

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  • Aren’t you Muslim if you are you know you just ate bacon 🥓 and that’s haram

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  • Faze rug: have you guys try rice and eggs it fire Me: bruh..I live at jamaica that's like breakfast almost every morning

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  • I was eating normal nodlles then they made the chiekin nodlles I was like WHY

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  • Who was swallowing their silver when watching this

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  • Kylie jenner: *shoots someone* Faze brian: 10/10 the way she held the gun

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    • this kid really just referred to him as “Faze brian” 💀

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  • Imagine bacon in the grill cheese

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  • I LOVE RICE 🍚 😋

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  • Sub, too rug I am not Againest u but I live in India where we eat rice every single day,but rice egg and cheese,and BTW my my name is nikhil Bigg fannnnnn of u LOL

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    • I meant sub, yoo rug

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  • 2:00

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  • 8:40

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  • 7:54 I thought it was Kylie Jenne?

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  • U should do cooking videos but with each member of your family

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  • 10:36

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