First to Dig the $10,000 Diamond, Keeps It

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We hid a $10,000 diamond at the bottom of a sandbox, and the first person to dig it out keeps it!
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  • those chairs during the spelling bee i have those at school 😂

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  • To the person reading this: you're a gorgeous human being and you shouldn't let anyone take you down!❤️

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  • Challenge 3 is so unfear

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    • Shut the front door

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    • He is bad at spelling

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  • If There Was Gold In There, It Would Be Called, Gold Digger, Am I Right? Like The Comment And Video!

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  • are the dime rele

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  • Please turn to go and make a relationship with him before its to late GOD is our creater and went through SOOOO much pain and died for us ✝ so please trust and love god❤💖 ✝

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  • If I had the diamond I would buy a mansion with it

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  • I thought it was dirt but it was sand lol

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  • Me and my cousin could be looking at each other not saying anything and we start laughing

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  • I was digging and found change -most quiet voice Faze rug: CAN YOU KEEP IT DOWWN😠😠😠 Also faze: THIS IS SO HARD TO FIND THE PENNY -most loud voice

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  • That isn’t a real diamond?

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  • The rug in background in challange 3 of subscribe was sent you by simji shorts or not tell me rug And I love you and your channel

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  • Imagine if no one found it and the diamond got lost forever...

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  • rug:so we have two sandboxes with a 10k diamond Me: :0 Rug:but there’s also challenges to make it harder! Also me: ;-;

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