Driving A Car in 3rd Person! (bad idea)

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Driving A Car in 3rd Person! Ft. Airrack
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We wanted to Recreate to video games we all played growing up and see if we Could Survive in 3rd person for 24 hours... we try riding bikes, skateboards and even drive a car....
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  • Hey Tanner please keep an eye open for Rocco he's a cool dude don't let him get out of control . love you guys like my my brothers. Make some more videos with Rocco learning how to drive.

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  • I can I have that car y’all used we broke out here 😭😂

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  • Did anyone think the thumbnail look like a real video game

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  • Wow you did he vid with air rack

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  • It would have been a lot better if it was someone with a camera walking behind, instead of the drone

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  • Its like Grand Theft Auto

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  • wonder were you got the idea from *cough* tgf *cough* 🤣

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  • Living in third person isn’t so original that they’re obligated to give TGF Credit, tbh

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  • Tanner:”Do you trust me?!” Everybody else: Hell no!

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  • Drive a car in 3rd Person

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  • Tgf did this first, really sad you washed up youtubers can't be original

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    • There is a comment on this already and Tanner said that he got the idea from a tiktok that he watched a month ago

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  • Airrack should drag race in third person

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  • I like how they wore a helmet for the basket ball shot but not for the bike and one wheel tricks...

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  • Lol I've been subbed since "that's legitness" and why do u look like Justin Bieber now?

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