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In this episode of Mark Angel TV titled The Evidence, Mark Angel set up Nwayiocha the new Caretaker.
Nwayiocha the new Caretaker is sitting outside her room as Baze 10 walks to her to pay his electricity bill, Nwayiocha is happy as Baze is the first person to pay the bills since he is usually the last and decides to have him collect the bills from other. A few seconds later Mimi walks into the scene to pay her electricity bill just to get Nwayiocha, the new Caretaker angry as she calls her by her name instead of "Caretaker" Mimi is forced to apologize and she does, then hands the money for the electricity bill to Nwayiocha, but she won't take it from her unless she counts it, Mr. Azu walks in also to pay his bill. He hands the money to Nwayiocha, but just as with Mimi, the Caretaker would not take it unless he counts the money, Mr. Azu is not happy about counting the money as the money is just 2 notes of N500 naira each, but Nwayiocha insist he must count the money, Mr. Azu then reluctantly counts the money, but Nwayiocha won't still take the money as she claims Mr. Azu did not count it properly and insist he counts money properly if she must collect the money from him, Mr. Azu does he she request.
Mark Angel walks pass Nwayiocha and other tenants gathered to pay their bills, but is stopped by Nwayiocha and is asked to pay his electricity bills, Mark Angel looking confused says he thought he is not supposed to pay pills as he is the former Caretaker of the compound, but Nwayiocha won't have that, Mark Angel unhappy about the development, goes on the set Nwayiocha up in a bit to have her dethroned from being the Caretaker as he complains to Mimi about how Nwayiocha took all the space for drying of clothes to dry her own clothes even when she saw that Mimi was washing her clothes and would need a space to dry them, he also complains to Mr Azu about how Baze promised to beat him, this got Mr Azu and Mimi angry, he then leaves the scene and calls Nwayiocha and complains about how Mimi had thrown all the clothes she dried on the rope on the floor he also complains to Baze 10 about how Mr Azu promised to beat him when he comes back home this makes Baze 10 and Nwayiocha the New Caretaker very angry as they promised to come back home to deal with Mimi and Mr Azu, Mark Angel is Happy as his plan is beginning to work. He then goes back to Mimi and Mr. Azu and tells them that Nwayiocha and Baze are on their way to come and fight them, this makes Mimi and Mr. Azu even Nwayiocha and Baze 10 arrive at the compound with Baze 10 and without delay gets into a fight with Mimi and Mr. Azu, Mark Angel takes out his phone and starts video recording the fight, this got Mr. Azu's attention as he asks why Mark is recording them while they are fighting, Mark says he is recording the fight to have evidence to show to the Landlord to prove that Nwayiocha is not fit to be the Caretaker of the compound. He then promises to make sure the landlord takes the Caretakership position away from Nwayiocha and gives it back to him and also promises to make sure they are all chased out of the compound by the landlord.
This makes everyone feel sad and stupid. They now realized that Mark Angel had played them all

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